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Although everyone will remember it differently years later, a long, wet, cold sail through a storm can be miserable. As skipper, you need to make the best of it: watch over your crew, offer relief or help to those who need it, and speak a few words of encouragement to all. “This is miserable, but it will end.”

Take the time to marvel at the forces of nature, and at your ability to carry on in the midst of the storm. Few people get to experience the full fury of a storm. It may not be pleasant, but it is memorable.

While misery and discomfort can eventually lead to fatigue, diminished performance, and even danger, do not mistake one for the other. Distinguish in your own mind the difference between misery and danger. Don’t attempt a dangerous harbor entrance to escape misery; that would compromise the safety of the boat and crew, just to avoid a little discomfort.

-Author Unknown


Dear Ballet Blake Families, 

I was reading about strategies for how to best sail in a storm and I came across this gem. I feel that it is both beautiful and unfortunately relevant to our current situation. Although there is no clear end in sight, we are committed to do everything in our power to ensure that our student's skills and strength are maintained, while hoping things will get back to normal soon. Hold on and keep safe.



Daniel Blake