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By utilizing a combination of private coaching and variations, this program is designed to help students focus on getting the most out of their ballet training, as well as preparing them for competitions. Getting to work consistently on developing a "variation" is of tremendous value to a student's growth! As you may know, we had many students compete in last year's YAGP competition both in Indianapolis and Kansas City. It was a wonderful and very educational experience for everyone involved. Getting to work with dancers in such a focused way was phenomenal. We are planning to attend next season's YAGP competition. I want to be clear that this program is geared toward providing more opportunities for students, and in no way obligates anyone to participate in the YAGP competition.

Our ST program last year was an outstanding success! The feedback loop that was created through the private coaching that would work it's way into our school curriculum was a benefit to everyone school-wide. We're pleased to be offering it again for the coming year but on a slightly more provisional basis according to teacher availability and enrollment.

This program will be available on a month-to-month basis, and typically runs 3 weeks of each month, and is limited to about 10 dancers. Each time slot will be a shared 1 hour semi-private with up to two dancers, or a 30 minutes private depending on enrollment. Time block options are listed on the attached schedule as "ST" and we'll work with each family to help schedule the time block that works best.

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