Youth America Grand Prix, Inc. (YAGP) is the world's largest non-profit international student ballet competition and scholarship program, open to dance students of all nationalities 9–19 years old.

As you may know, we were able to take a couple of students to last year's Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) competition in Chicago. It was a wonderful and very educational experience for everyone involved. Getting to work with those dancers in such a focused way was phenomenal, and we'd like to open up a program that allows for that kind of growth for anyone who's interested! This year we are planning to attend the YAGP competition in Kansas City in February 2021. 

YAGP has information available about their safety protocols and we're open to taking participants of the Specialized Training program. 


If competing at YAGP is something your student(s) would be interested in, please contact us asap so we can begin planning!

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